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Added security on your account



Keeping personal information safe and protecting your account is our top priority. That is why in 2019 we will be increasing account security procedures and introducing password protection for your account.

Your password will be used to verify your identity when accessing information about your account over the phone as well as for any telephone transactions (if you use this service).

We will provide more information about this enhancement as well as how to set up your password with your January distribution statement.


What to think about when selecting your password

As this password will be used to access account information as well as your personal details, we recommend you protect access to your account by following some of the tips below.

  • Do not share your password with others, either verbally or in written form
  • Try to use a password that you do not use for other accounts or companies
  • Create a password that cannot be guessed easily. The easiest passwords to guess are dates like birthdays and anniversaries, a pet or child’s name, or a generic password such as "password".


Already have a password set-up for our telephone transaction service?

No need to do anything!