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Looking forward
CEO update by Chief Executive Officer Mathew Browning


​​​​​​It is a great pleasure to be writing my first update as UCA Funds Management’s chief executive officer. As an investor and reader, you might be wondering what a new CEO means for UCA Funds Management and (more importantly) for you – a very valid question.

The reality is, it’s business as usual. Client service is a crucial part of our DNA and we will continue to take care of you and your investments to the very best of our ability. From recent discussions and through reading the feedback you provided in last year’s client survey, our personal touch is very important to you. I’m delighted that it’s something you feel we excel at. Moyra, Yumin and Jeffrey (our client service team) love making life as easy for you as they can.

We are also looking to the future and seeking innovative ways to expand UCA Funds Management, increasing the impact of your investment. Over the coming years, our aim is to grow our annual grant to support community services, advocacy and mission-based activities. I am currently working with the leadership team on refreshing our strategy to deliver on this aspiration.

The strategy will be centred around three pillars:

  1. Visibility – becoming better known by a broader community of investors for our ethical authenticity and investment capabilities.

  2. Accessibility – creating investment solutions that meet varying client needs and making them available on relevant investment platforms.

  3. Performance – ensuring we continue to deliver competitive investment performance for all our clients.

As we have begun contemplating the next phase in our evolution, we have been researching and discussing how we can best service our clients in the future. We want to understand what more we can do and what you – and other values-driven investors – are looking for. 

We are also exploring what investment strategies you would like to “buy” from us and what would make our service the best it can be. These questions are just the start of ensuring we continue to be a leading investment solution for values-driven investors like you. 

Over the coming months, we will engage with as many investors as we can to help frame our future. If you would like to be involved in this process, we would love to hear from you.

Together we can grow and increase our impact as investors. I hope to meet many of you at upcoming events as we journey together towards our vision of better investments and a better world.​