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New name same values

As Mat Browning outlined in the CEO update, we’re switching to a new name, logo and website from April. This will be a very big and exciting change for UCA Funds Management. The shift was first discussed over 12 months ago with the new name approved by our own board and the Standing Committee in late 2018. 

Why are you changing your name and logo? 

The main reason is to grow the grant which supports mission, community and advocacy programs. To achieve this aspiration, we’re aiming to double the investments we manage, so we must raise our profile beyond our traditional investor base. Our new name will help us reinforce our ethical values and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

What will this mean for my investments? 

Aside from some cosmetic changes such as the names of the products being updated to reflect the new brand there won’t be any changes to how we go about achieving the best possible ethical returns on your investments. 

Why did you choose this new logo and name? 

In the logo we wanted to retain the same colour scheme as a link to our heritage while introducing new design elements to help position us to clients as trusted, principled and connected. The ‘U’ in our new name alludes strongly to our UCA history for our existing investors and ‘ethical’ conveys our values as succinctly as possible to prospective investors. 

Have your values changed? 

Absolutely not! Our willingness to adopt bold positions on important ethical matters has always been central to who we are and derives from our origins with the Uniting Church. The Church’s pioneering social justice advocacy work still underpins our ethical framework. 

We’ll be sharing more with you in the weeks and months ahead and from April you can find us online at​