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 Special Assistance Plan


Invest In Ministry

The Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust's Special Assistance Plan is suitable for investors who wish to lend financial support to the Uniting Church. Funds raised can help build new centres, refurbish facilities or even fund ministry.

Instead of receiving interest, investors can nominate a congregation or program of the Uniting Church that they would like the Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust to assist. Alternatively, if your congregation or program has applied for a loan, you may invest your money in the Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust Special Assistance Plan earmarked to assist the congregation or program.

Where is my money invested?

Funds invested in the Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust are in turn invested directly in UCA Enhanced Cash Portfolio.  ​

What other features are available?

  • A nil-interest bearing account.

  • Investors suggest programs of the Uniting Church they would like the Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust to support. (Assistance can be given to a congregation, presbytery, agency or organisation of the Uniting Church).

  • The interest foregone is credited to the Uniting Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust Reserve and a grant is made to the suggested group every six months. Alternatively, when Uniting Church groups apply for a loan, investors may invest in the Special Assistance Plan earmarked to assist the loan. The interest foregone is offset against the interest expense, reducing interest on the loan to 1%.

  • $100 minimum investment. 

 How to Apply

  1. To view the application form click on the image above and then click on the check box to indicate that you have read and agree to the conditions of the disclaimer.
  2. Print and complete the application form and return to: UCA Funds Management, 130 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.
  3. Appropriate certified identification documents must be attached to the application form and returned to our office either by post or in person.
  4. If you have any questions regarding opening an account or would like a printed application form mailed out to you, please contact us on 1800 996 888.