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​​Registration help

Registration help

Need some help registering for Online Investor? 

Below are a number of topics that we hope will help you.​ If you require further assistance, please contact Client Services​.​

What is my registration code?​​​

To register for Online Investor, you must use the unique registration code issued by UCA Funds Management. If you are unsure what your registration code is, please contact Client Services for assistance.

H​ow long is my registration code active for?

Your unique registration code is active for up to 90 days. If your code has expired, please contact Client Services for assistance.

How do I get a new registration code?

Please contact Client Services for assistance​.

Can I use a different email address to the one I have on file with UCA Funds Management to register​?

Yes. You can use any email account to register, as long as you have access to it to complete the registration process.

My account is a joint account. Can we both have online access?

Yes. Each account holder can register for their personal Online Investor profile​. 

Please note, each account holder will need to register using a unique email address (the same email address cannot be used for both account holders).